Self directed science – Rocks and Minerals

Hello, once again!

We have been learning about Rocks and Minerals and I have painted a picture and put some information on it. so here it is

In case you didn’t see what I wrote about conglomerate and chalk here is the information: Conglomerate: This rock would usually have spots on it because this rock is located under water and it eventually creates spots on the rock. Chalk: Chalk is a rock thatΒ  you can usually draw with. It’s white and animals are clearly visible in this rock.

I loved learning about rocks and minerals because they are really pretty and interesting. I also really liked making whatever I wanted about them. I LOVE combining art and science together!!

Public Speaking Review!πŸ˜€

Hello again! I am talb1 and this time, I am going to talk about my public speaking and how it went. The part I found challenging was performing my speech in front of everyone. It was also very challenging to memorize my speech. The part that was easy was thinking of what I wanted to write about. The other easy thing was to choose the points inside my speech. I really enjoyed the part when I got to see who won. I also enjoyed hearing other people’s speeches and hearing who won first, second, and third place. I didn’t enjoy at all the feeling that I LOST. I also really didn’t enjoy seeing other people in the finals not winning. I think they were ALL AMAZING!!πŸ˜€ Next time, I would want to ask everyone to turn around so I won’t get distracted again. I would also practice more when I have the time to and not chat with friends all the time. I hope you enjoyed reading about my bad and good thing in the process of my public speaking speech this, and first-year!!