Innovation Day🏰

Hello everyone! We needed to make a castle and a drawbridge for innovation day and I am happy to tell you about it.

Castles are made out of stone or bricks. The purpose of them is to protect the kingdom that was there, or the king and queen who lived their. They were very safe living there. Drawbridges are a door that when you pull a string or click a button it comes up and down. Drawbridges are made out of stone.

In my reading, I learned about the feudal system.

This system showed the differences between groups of people. It shows who had the most power.

Look at my table below. It shows there differences.

These are some things about knits that I found while reading:

Here are some facts I found about the Middle Ages:


What I thought my pully would be:

Here I talked about my procedure and how it looked in the end:

This is a picture of me building my castle

This is my self reflection and conclusion:

I am really happy with my castle and pully because I worked really hard on it and it looks really good. I had to change my hypothesis because my drawbridge didn’t work very well and there wasn’t a pulley. I was using my hands to hold the drawbridge. If I could do it again I would make more detail in the inside because I was rushing since it was the last day. I would also make the castle and pulley faster so I could have some time to work on the inside.