Self directed science – Rocks and Minerals

Hello, once again!

We have been learning about Rocks and Minerals and I have painted a picture and put some information on it. so here it is

In case you didn’t see what I wrote about conglomerate and chalk here is the information: Conglomerate: This rock would usually have spots on it because this rock is located under water and it eventually creates spots on the rock. Chalk: Chalk is a rock that  you can usually draw with. It’s white and animals are clearly visible in this rock.

I loved learning about rocks and minerals because they are really pretty and interesting. I also really liked making whatever I wanted about them. I LOVE combining art and science together!!

One thought on “Self directed science – Rocks and Minerals”

  1. Hey Tal,
    Nice painting, it is so cool that you combined art with science. It is also realy cool thatyou are learning about rocks and minerals.


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