Patinage artistique

Bonjour je suis talb1!!

Je vais parler de patinage artistique. Vous pouvez y joue sur la glace. j’aime beaucoup le patinage artistique.  Je fais du patinage artistique tous les mardis. l’équipement que vous utilisez pour le patinage artistique est: patins, collants de patinage artistique, et  un robe de patinage. le patinage artistique est aux jeux olympiques d’hiver.


J’aime bien la patineuse de fifure Anna Scherbakowa. Elle est très très talentueuse! Elle n’a que 18 ans et a remporté les Jeux Olympiques!

Self directed science – Rocks and Minerals

Hello, once again!

We have been learning about Rocks and Minerals and I have painted a picture and put some information on it. so here it is

In case you didn’t see what I wrote about conglomerate and chalk here is the information: Conglomerate: This rock would usually have spots on it because this rock is located under water and it eventually creates spots on the rock. Chalk: Chalk is a rock that  you can usually draw with. It’s white and animals are clearly visible in this rock.

I loved learning about rocks and minerals because they are really pretty and interesting. I also really liked making whatever I wanted about them. I LOVE combining art and science together!!

Public Speaking Review!😀

Hello again! I am talb1 and this time, I am going to talk about my public speaking and how it went. The part I found challenging was performing my speech in front of everyone. It was also very challenging to memorize my speech. The part that was easy was thinking of what I wanted to write about. The other easy thing was to choose the points inside my speech. I really enjoyed the part when I got to see who won. I also enjoyed hearing other people’s speeches and hearing who won first, second, and third place. I didn’t enjoy at all the feeling that I LOST. I also really didn’t enjoy seeing other people in the finals not winning. I think they were ALL AMAZING!!😀 Next time, I would want to ask everyone to turn around so I won’t get distracted again. I would also practice more when I have the time to and not chat with friends all the time. I hope you enjoyed reading about my bad and good thing in the process of my public speaking speech this, and first-year!!

Public Speaking

Hello everyone. I would love to show you my public speaking speech.

Close your eyes and think of someone who is super special to you. I can guarantee that the person that you thought of was a family member! (wait for 2 seconds)


Hello grade 4 students and Ms.M I am Tal and I am here to talk to you about how IMPORTANT family is. Family is important because, families take care of you, They teach you responsibility and  They help you become YOU.


When I say care for, I mean, give you love. AND WHO DOESN’T NEED LOVE?! They also give you a lot of support. They teach you how to be smart with money and help you earn it. They help you with emotions. For example… I once had a friend called Sofia Ferreira. We were great friends too. One day I was hanging out with my other friends. Sofia hated them. We stopped being friends. Then my parents helped me talk to her and say sorry to her and tell her that I can be with other friends too. Then we became even better friends after that.


Family teaches you responsibility too. Some kids think chores are just because your parents are lazy but that is not true. They try to teach you how you can’t do nothing for the rest of your life. For example… Once my mom asked me if I could help her clean something (I don’t remember what it was) and I didn’t want to do it. I said something really mean after that: Why are you so lazy?? Then she said: I am not lazy. I just think that we are all a family and we need to help each other with everything.  I also have chores to do now, I make a calendar for who has to go to the shower first and also if we need to wash our hair or not. It is teaching me to be responsible by showing me how to  take care of myself and to know how to do it because when I get older I can’t just ask my parents to do things for me.


Family helps you become you. Helping you to become you means knowing your personality and what you like or don’t, they teach you how to be nice and not mean to anybody, and understand who you are. For example, my mom usually asks me when we go to the mall, she will give me two outfits that are way different styles and she says “do you like this one or this one?” and I pick. I tell her what I like or not. And then I start to understand what my style is. If you’re accidentally being mean to anybody, your parents help you understand that that’s not good and that you need to understand that some things can be mean. Then your parents will wait a little bit longer to see if you actually took their words and what they said and if you are still being mean they have to talk to you every time you are doing it and in the end you will stop doing it. If you are being nice, they would be very proud that you took their words and that would make a big change to your life. 


As you have heard from my paragraphs, family is very important because family takes care of you, they teach you responsibility, and they help you become you. What is something that your family has done to you that you think you will remember forever?  Thank you for reading about why your family is important. 



Innovation Day🏰

Hello everyone! We needed to make a castle and a drawbridge for innovation day and I am happy to tell you about it.

Castles are made out of stone or bricks. The purpose of them is to protect the kingdom that was there, or the king and queen who lived their. They were very safe living there. Drawbridges are a door that when you pull a string or click a button it comes up and down. Drawbridges are made out of stone.

In my reading, I learned about the feudal system.

This system showed the differences between groups of people. It shows who had the most power.

Look at my table below. It shows there differences.

These are some things about knits that I found while reading:

Here are some facts I found about the Middle Ages:


What I thought my pully would be:

Here I talked about my procedure and how it looked in the end:

This is a picture of me building my castle

This is my self reflection and conclusion:

I am really happy with my castle and pully because I worked really hard on it and it looks really good. I had to change my hypothesis because my drawbridge didn’t work very well and there wasn’t a pulley. I was using my hands to hold the drawbridge. If I could do it again I would make more detail in the inside because I was rushing since it was the last day. I would also make the castle and pulley faster so I could have some time to work on the inside.


Do I want to be a pirate?🏴‍☠️

I don’t want to be a pirate. That’s because it’s hard to find healthy or any food in the wild, so many pirates die. Many people think they are bad and I  don’t want anyone to dislike me. I would also not like to be a pirate because I don’t like the ocean. It freaks me out. I also don’t want to live on a boat. I would not be able to fall asleep because the boat would be moving and shaking a lot. I would never like to practice sword fighting too. It’s VERY dangerous. I don’t like the idea of being rich because you steal a lot! The letters C and R are the pirate’s favorite letters and non of them are in my name! It bothers me. That’s the reason I would NEVER want to become a pirate!